Hi, we are the team of qr-studybuddy!

Johannes Mann
Hannes Mann

A teacher for math and physics at Meranier-High School (ger. Gymnasium) in Lichtenfels but working for qr-studybuddy as a programmer and designer. He founded the site in 2016 and, besides web design, is interested in 3D printing and likes Bayreuther Hell 🍺.


Programming Graphics Refi licenses

Johannes Mann
Marie Plaumann

As a passionate word juggler with a weakness for good stories, sunsets and Sekt-Mate, she is the perfect sidekick for Hannes: She is responsible for creative concepts & texts in an advertising agency - and takes care of everything related to communication at qr-studybuddy.


Marketing Newsletter Communication

Linda Barnickel
Linda Barnickel

Linda primarily supports qr-studybuddy in quality management. She rigorously tests new features on the website before they can be approved. As a former German unicycle champion, she has no trouble finding balance among the various devices during testing.


QM Prototyping Innovation


The first version of this website was created in 2017 when Hannes wanted to design digitally supported variety for his teaching. He produced the idea of making the creation of graded learning aids accessible to other teachers using QR codes and programmed this site.

Special feature

You can find many sites on the web that can create a simple QR code. This would also be the first choice when it comes to providing a piece of information. On qr-studybuddy.com, however, the goal is to create several interrelated helps that the student clicks through.

Made with love

Many hours have been spent conceiving and programming this site. It was completely redesigned from scratch in spring 2020 and has been expanded ever since. We hope that it will be useful to some teachers and help make their teaching more interesting, vivid, and barrier-free.

Things Hannes loves

Apart from butter cookie ice cream, there are a few other things that helped him a lot in creating this site:

Front-end component library

Front-end libraries help write simple, easily understandable HTML and CSS code.

JavaScript library

Javascript is responsible for all the effects on the page, such as collapsing and expanding elements.

Icon set
Font Awesome

Beautiful icons and social logos for embedding in websites.

Font Awesome
Illustration asset

Beautiful and funny illustrations provided free of charge by LS.graphics.


Formerly free - now licensed

I love the concept of an open web.

That is why this site was originally free. However, as the number of users grew, the expenses for servers, maintenance and features needed to be covered. However, advertising or the use or the exposure of personal data are an absolute no-go and will never be used on this site.