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2.99 € per month

After you have registered, the page with all functions can be tested for free for 14 days. All QR codes created this month can still be used afterwards, so they will not expire. If you want to create more QR codes or edit your old ones after the trial month, you must buy a subscription: 2.99 € per month is due.

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Frequently asked questions

Find out everything about the validity of licenses, the redemption process, and ways to get licenses for free. Licenses can also be purchased on request in larger quantities.

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of the QR codes

Once created, QR codes (and the associated aids) never lose their validity. Even if your license has expired, you can continue to use your worksheets with the QR codes.

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2.99 €

per month and teacher

You don't have to subscribe to a monthly plan, but can purchase licenses like vouchers. These can then be repurchased in your profile to extend the period of use.

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The first version of this website was created in 2017 when I wanted to design digitally supported varying instructions for my classes. I had the idea of creating learning aids using QR codes accessible to other teachers and therefore programmed this site.

Monthly Costs

What started as a small side project has now inspired many colleagues. Running the site requires ongoing resources per user, not just a one-time cost, since the aids are stored permanently. That is why is dependent on monthly contributions.

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Usage Statistics

Every day, more teachers use this site to make their teaching more diversified and easier to use. Many QR codes, worksheets, and aids have already been created. The associated numbers show the range of possibilities.

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2.99 €

Per teacher and month for

QR codes never loosing validity
Permanent provision of web spaces
Aids remaining permanently stored
Images remaining permanently stored
Aids being always accessible
Statistics counting around the clock
Server constantly storing QR information
Subscription character of the website
101 k

created QR codes

The last task cannot be deleted. 62649 worksheets. 1.61 codes per worksheet.
3.5 M

opened helps

If 3 helps were used per student, a total of 41.7 k school classes were helped.
45 k

correct solutions

When using a solution QR code, students can indicate whether they had the correct answer.

Frequently asked questions

FAQ Licenses

Licensing, costs, trial period

They still work, i.e., they can still be scanned with a mobile phone. So, you can still use your previously created worksheets. However, without a license, you can neither edit them nor create new codes. Also, without a license, you have no access to the statistics on the use of these resources.
In your profile you can see how long your license is still valid. Here you can also resubscribe.
Yes, your previous subscription will be extended by the validity of the new sub. So, you can subscribe as many times as you want one after the other to continuously extend your period.
Yes, every newly registered account has access to all functions for 14 days. All QR codes created in this month can still be used afterwards, so they do not expire. If you want to create more QR codes or edit your old ones after the trial, you must subscribe.
Theoretically, it is possible. The whole project was originally free to use, but with growing numbers of users, the ongoing costs also increased. If all users were to create a new account every month, the licensing model would have to be adapted again.

Licenses in larger quantities

The best way to contact us directly is by email: Otherwise, licenses in larger quantities can also be purchased on request directly at purchase licenses.

Free licenses

As a trainee, student or if you are in another comparable educational situation, you will receive a free 2-year subscription. Simply send a short email to and attach an official school or student certificate indicating that you are currently in an educational situation. The subscription always includes 2 years, regardless of which stage of education you are in.
The license will usually be sent by email within 48 hours. If you have not heard anything after three days, please check your spam folder.
Each trainee will receive a free 2-year subscription. A short email to with official proof from the school as it is required for acceptance. The proof must indicate how many trainees are currently in the study seminar. The license with the ordered number of teachers will then immediately be sent by email.