The New Import and Export Function Enables Collaborative Work

The New Import and Export Function Enables Collaborative Work

Collaborative work with qr-studybuddy is now even easier. The helps created for a worksheet can now be saved locally on your own device and shared with other colleagues through the export function under "My codes". When importing, there are several options: Either import the entire worksheet with all tasks and aids or select only specific tasks to be added to the current worksheet. Otherwise, if you are only interested in specific aids, you can attach them to multiple tasks in a worksheet. Exporting in the common .csv format also makes private backups of qr-studybuddy quite easy.

To integrate the new functions clearly in "My codes", there is a new context menu for each worksheet: A button with three small dots can now be found in the top right corner, which provides the functions "Add task", "Add solution", "Export" and "Import" as well as "Delete worksheet".

The new context menu

In addition, there were minor bug fixes, such as the code input not opening when the order of the helps was swapped. Thanks to Boris for pointing that out!

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Johannes Mann
posted on March 31, 2022