Subject, Curriculum, and Grade Level Can Be Changed Afterwards

Subject, Curriculum, and Grade Level Can Be Changed Afterwards

During the fall break, some long-awaited minor updates were finally implemented. Until now, it was of course possible to change helps afterwards, add new ones, or change, for example, the title of a worksheet by clicking on the title. What was not possible before was to change the curriculum chapter into which the worksheet was sorted, or the grade level and subject.
Thanks to the update in June 2021, curriculum chapters and subject areas can already be chosen by free text. With today's update, this free-text input can also be transferred to older QR codes and thus achieve better cataloging of the individual helps, even afterwards.
The newly integrated possibility of making changes can be found via the context menu in the upper right corner of each worksheet:

Information can be edited via the context menu.
For the really quick ones, the grade level, curriculum chapter, and title of the worksheet can also be changed directly by clicking on the respective displayed texts without opening the context menu.

Thanks to Sascha for this great idea!

There were also a few small bugs that were fixed. For example, an error occurred when a solution QR code was protected with a passcode and you wanted to open it. The error that some symbols were hidden by deselecting some tools in your own profile has also been fixed.

Thank you to B├╝nyamin, who was the first to discover and report this bug.

Have you ever discovered a bug or would you like a new feature? Then write a short email to For every fixed bug or integrated feature, you will receive a free monthly license. Oh, and .svg files can now also be uploaded to an aid.

Johannes Mann
posted on November 4, 2022