Follow the dark side of the Force! Dark mode available

Follow the dark side of the Force! Dark mode available

Creating and accessing the help resources, as well as fully utilizing the website, is now also possible in Dark Mode. By default, the settings of the operating system are adopted. So, if you have chosen a dark display in the system settings on Mac or Windows, the website will also appear in Dark Mode. If you'd rather view qr learning resources in a different light, you can directly select this in your profile:

My Data → My Profile → My Data → Dark Mode

If you change the setting here, the learning resources for the students will also be shown in this display by default. However, each student still has the option to change the appearance themselves when scanning the codes, using a small slider.

In addition to this update, there were also some minor hidden changes. When registering, it is no longer necessary to provide a username (what was it good for anyway?). As a result, the emails are somewhat less personalized ("Hey!" instead of the previous "Hey $Username!"), but maybe we'll compensate for that later with a different form of address ("Heeeey!").

Additionally, the code required for displaying the help resources has been streamlined. A previously necessary library can now be omitted when loading the page, further optimizing loading times. This might come in handy when there's teaching in a basement with poor reception again.

Also new is the easier integration of iFrames in the help resources. The corresponding button is now clearer in the selection and opens the input option for the embedded code in the first tab. This way, Learning Apps, H5P content from Lumi, or videos can be integrated even faster and easier.

Johannes Mann
posted on August 16, 2023