Optimization of Load Times in the Library

Optimization of Load Times in the Library

Do you know this situation? You just want to quickly correct a spelling mistake in one of your guides and you end up waiting for what feels like an eternity while the loading spinner with "Loading your aids" finally takes pity on you and displays the aids.

To speed up the editing of your guides, the library code has been made more efficient, reducing load times by up to 80%.

On the left, the old version; on the right, the new one. Previously, load times of up to 8 seconds were common. Now, all aids load in approximately 1 second. Additionally, the loading animation looks cooler.
As we recently surpassed 3 million opened guides as a milestone, optimizing server queries was urgently needed. All old functions, such as adding new QR codes or inserting new guides into existing QR codes, of course, remain available. The deletion of automatic backup files has also been significantly accelerated.

Additionally, we fixed a bug where newly created ZIP folders were empty upon downloading under Windows and did not contain any QR codes. Thank you to Julian, who recently reported this bug.

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Johannes Mann
posted on April 26, 2024