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The Special Feature

Many websites allow the creation of QR codes for free, but they only contain one piece of information. With qr-StudyBuddy, a QR code contains various multimedia aids.

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When you register, you will have 14 days access to all functions of the site. During this time, you can create as many QR codes as you would like. After this trial, the site costs 2.99 € per month.

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The worksheets are even accessible when you cancel the subscription: Your QR codes will continue to work forever. However, you will need a subscription when creating new ones.

Image-Upload and Math-Formulas

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Trainee teacher for Chemistry and Biology at a secondary school

"Gamechanger qr-studybuddy! I ease student experiments by providing illustrations of experimental setups. Through the QR codes, all students can access my instructions and tips simultaneously."


Seminar teacher for Mathematics at a secondary school

"I first saw the use of qr-studybuddy in a teaching demonstration and was thrilled. Since then, I showcase the learning aids to every new seminar - the trainees appreciate the free licenses."


Heterogeneous learning groups require diverse instructions that are well-structured.

This diversity can take place in the form of categorized learning helps.

Instead of distributing the aids in paper form in the classroom, the students scan one (or more) QR codes with their own smartphone and therefore receive help for current tasks directly on the screen of their mobile phone. These can be in categorized form, contain texts, images, and formulas, or simply provide a link to an interesting website.

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Create aids

With a few clicks, you can create aids for a worksheet that the students can then look at with their smartphones. Aids can be tasks, ideas, sketches, or direct solution suggestions.

Receive QR codes

In the end, you will receive one or more QR codes that you can simply insert into an existing worksheet. The students scan these and receive appropriate helps pre-structured by you.


Trainee teacher for Sports, Ethics, and Mathematics at a secondary school

"My seminar teacher liked it."


Teacher for German and History at a secondary school

"My students are happy about the personally recorded feedback on their practice essays."


Sustainability during the Corona Crisis

Due to the Corona crisis, teachers had to make much effort to provide their students with digital learning materials.

Learning videos were created, presentations were made, worksheets were redesigned, and informative websites were searched to support learners on their way.

Link your digitally created materials with QR codes!

So that your results can still be useful even after the corona period, it makes sense to integrate them into existing worksheets using a QR code. You can choose the title of the helps freely, so that the student can immediately see which help button is currently useful for him.

Possible options:

  • Learning videos made by you or found on the internet
  • The link to an interesting website
  • Drawings and sketches made by you
  • Instructions and helps that you have formulated

Theoretical considerations

about categorized aids in teaching

Dealing with heterogeneous groups of learners in the classroom always involves the challenge of not overwhelming weak students, and not expecting strong students to have to endure too much easy work at the same time. Categorized learning aids can offer a possible way out:


Learning helps aim to prevent lasting frustrations for learners. The demands of individualized instruction are highly diverse for both teachers and learners. For example, filling in a cloze text on a worksheet requires no special subject-specific skills, while the free construction of electronic circuits requires endurance, patience, considerable subject-specific knowledge, experimental skill, and experience from both learners and helpful teachers.

Franke-Braun, Gudrun, Florian Schmidt-Weigand, Lutz Stäudel and Rita Wodzinski: Tasks with tiered learning helps - a special task format for the cognitive activation of students and for the intensification of subject-related communication


Teacher for Economics and Mathematics at a secondary school

"Finally, faster lesson preparation: once the codes are created, I use them again every year. I can make changes without having to reprint the worksheets."


Teacher at an elementary school

"The best part of station learning for my kids is when they get to scan the QR code with a tablet at the end. The solutions are then hidden behind a four-digit code."

Structuring of Learning Helps

To structure learning helps, there are different approaches in the literature. Often, in line with general learning and problem-solving strategies, in addition to paraphrasing, such as "Explain the task again in your own words", the learning helps serve the following functions:

QR Lernhilfen

Focus on the task at hand

e.g., "Look at the information in the task text. Highlight important information!"

Elaboration of sub-goals

e.g., "Consider which of the primary properties is easiest to determine."

Activation of prior knowledge

e.g., "Remember: What is the formula for density when volume and mass are involved?"

Visualization and Anticipation

e.g., "Draw a sketch of how to separate the sediment from a saturated salt solution."